Food and Beverage Industry

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Clean solutions where it matters the most.

The food and beverage industry has very special and high requirements. Specifications are set through industry standards and with special attention to hygienic as well as legal requirements. KOBO provides state-of-the-art solutions, for instance special acid resistant or stainless steel chains in maintenance-free execution. For decades KOBO has provided chain products and technology for the bakery, meat, vegetable and grain processing industry as well as for beverage producers. KOBO provides innovative concepts and new solutions for the growing complexity of producing food. KOBO’s ideas and solutions have set standards.

Baking Industry


Many OEMs and end customers rely on our state-of-the-art chain technology. For industrial bakeries such as pizza and bread bakeries, we manufacture special solutions and chains made to order for applications like tunnel ovens, proofing cabinets or pre-baking ovens.

KOBO’s research and development together with OEMs and end customers has developed innovative designs. One of those developments are special carbon components. These components have an extended lifetime, are maintenance-free and provide one further advantage: Rollers are mounted outside the chain and can be replaced in a short time saving money and maintenance time.
All chains can be offered in metric and imperial dimensions.

KOBO chains are used in:

  • Tunnel ovens
  • Proofers
  • Pre-bake ovens

KOBO’s carbon bushings stand for:

  • Extended lifetime
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy replacement
  • Availability in different options

Slaughterhouse Industry


The variety of conveyor equipment in the slaughterhouse industry is high. Especially, the hygienic requirements are important to the quality of the conveyor and the final product.

Due to KOBO’s cooperation with OEMs and end customers for decades, KOBO is experienced in the development of special chains. Customers require long lifetime of conveyors, efficiency in the process and no downtime in operations. KOBO offers a wide range of chains such as Cardan type chains, u-joint chains or drop-forged chains for overhead conveyors. According to the application, chains can be manufactured zinc coated or made of stainless steel.

Conveyor Chains




Sterilizer Industry


The manufacturing process of engineered chains for sterilizing food is the most complex application for chain manufacturers. The chains need to meet two requirements: Resistance against aggressive media and high temperatures in the working environment. KOBO´s products meet these requirements.

State of the art materials are chosen in the manufacturing process of the chains, such as martensitic stainless steel in combination with bronze bushings. Only these materials comply with the high standards of KOBO engineering. KOBO has decades of experience and know-how for economic solutions and long lasting success.

Besides chains, KOBO also manufactures sprockets. Chain and sprocket belong together so it has to come from one supplier to avoid any misunderstandings and problems. KOBO is your one stop shop.

Conveyor Chains


Grain Handling Industry


Trough Conveyor Chains

Trough conveyor chains are used in various applications and different industries, especially in the food industry. KOBO’s trough conveyor chains are based on the German industry norm DIN 8165 and DIN 8167. Components and material specifications are chosen according to the special requirements of the conveyor and the conveyed material. KOBO manufactures the standard range of trough conveyor chains as well as special solutions with custom made designs in metric and imperial design.