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Engineered Chains

KOBO is one of the leading chain manufacturers worldwide.

Our high-performance chains can be found in various industries. Discover different ways KOBO chains can help your company succeed.

Standard Engineered Chains

KOBO is specialized in manufacturing standard engineered chains according to DIN or ANSI norms. Over a span of 120 years, KOBO has manufactured more than 20,000 different types of chains: Standard, Standard with special attachments, as well as Engineered from scratch. KOBO can help you find the right product.

Lubrication Free Chains (low maintenance)

The usage of lubricants such as oil or grease and labor are significant parts of the maintenance cost of a conveyor system. KOBO's low-maintenance chains are manufactured with the highest precision with either polymer or bronze type bushings. These bushings do not require any additional lubricant for the lifetime of the chain. Immediate cost savings in lubricant and labor are realized throughout the lifetime of the chain.

Sealed Joint Chains

Chains with sealing technology are part of KOBO’s product portfolio. Sealings with or without metal covers between the link plates protect the joint and prohibit dirt and debris from entering the bearing surface between pin and bushing.

The chains can be manufactured with grease fittings to lubricate the joint properly for an extended lifetime of the chain. Furthermore, these features can be added to Low-Maintenance Chains to protect the “lifetime lubricated joint."

Chain technology from Germany since 1894. Quality Progress is our tradition.

“Striving for product improvement through cooperation with our customers makes us “The Chain People”. That is what we work hard for every day!"

Dominik Stracke, CEO KOBO USA, LLC