Escalator Industry

Developing ideas that move people.

Transportation of people requires the highest manufacturing standards in the world. The escalator industry is the most critical industry for chain manufacturers. KOBO chains meet the highest safety requirements and contribute to smooth running and good comfort. We provide solutions for heavy loads, unusual lengths and weather conditions.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of escalator chains, KOBO has been working with operators and manufacturers for London's, Vienna's and Paris's Underground as well as with numerous national and international airports for many years. Escalator chains and moving walk chains are manufactured for indoor or outdoor usage and available in lubed or maintenance free execution.

KOBO manufactures chains and sprockets for almost all escalator manufacturers worldwide and has endless knowledge for these components. 


escalator in wholeKOBO’s solutions in the escalator industry for:

  •     Indoor escalator chains
  •     Outdoor escalator chains
  •     Maintenance free escalator chains
  •     Moving walk chains
  •     For all different brand