Bulk Handling Industry

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Whether coarse or fine-grained, whether corrosive or abrasive – for decades we have worked together with major equipment manufacturers in the industry to create unique solutions for a unique industry.

KOBO’s work with the leading equipment manufacturers and end users makes KOBO a reliable and knowledgeable partner worldwide. High temperature or low temperature applications are part of KOBO’s portfolio.

KOBO is not just a chain supplier. As a one stop shop we supply chains, sprockets, rollers, pans, buckets and attachments. The products are used for the transportation of bulk material handling in various industries, such as:


  • Cement Industry for limestone, coal and clinker transportation
  • Biomass Industry for pellet transportation
  • Energy Industry for coal, gypsum and ash transportation
  • Wood and Paper Industry for chips transportation
  • Palm oil industry for organic waste transportation
  • Fertilizer Industry for granulates and sulfur

Reclaimer Systems


Reclaimer systems for continuous feeding of bulk material such as coal, limestone, additives and fertilizer have become the standard in the industry in the last decades. Cement mills, power plants, fertilizer plants rely on KOBO’s approach to suit the right chain and sprocket for a particular operation.

KOBO has developed multiple chain designs from inside rollers to outside mounted rollers with lifetime lubricated bearings and sealings. Pitches from 250mm up to 500mm are common. Outside mounted rollers reduce the wear in the chain joint and rollers can be replaced easily. This guarantees a longer lifetime of the chain. Also KOBO offers chains with grease fittings and special sealings to allow manual greasing of each chain joint.


Pan Conveyor System


Pan conveyor systems for horizontal transportation as well as for high incline operations are part of KOBO’s product portfolio. Hot materials, such as clinker can be conveyed from the cooler to clinker silos in a cement mill.

Also, pan conveyors are used in raw mills and crushers with high shock load requirements. KOBO manufactures chains with attachments such as rollers, pans and buckets as one interacting system and produces all components inhouse. Anti-backbending features as well as double link chains with extremely high breaking loads are typical characteristics for pan conveyor chains. Whether it is metric or imperial design, KOBO is your reliable partner.

Pans and Buckets
Roller Chains

Bucket Elevators


Bucket Elevators are moving bulk material vertically under high speeds. Due to the speed, potential shockloads and high temperature, bucket elevator chains are carefully designed for high fatigue loads. The most critical applications are in the cement industry. Bucket elevators are also used in various industries such as grain handling, fertilizer and in the food industry. KOBO manufactures bucket elevator chains for single or double strand use, traction wheels and sprockets.


Pans, Rollers, Buckets


Attachments are directly connected to the chains and interact with all moving parts in the conveyor. Therefore, it is critical to understand the importance of these components. As part of the system, attachments can improve the lifetime of the chains, if properly designed. Customer's maintenance department can rely on KOBO as their one-stop shop for chains, sprockets and components. 

Pans and Buckets

Roller Chains