KOBO USA is a well-known and respected partner of automotive manufacturers and their sub-suppliers. Our comprehensive advice and individualized solutions distinguish us from the competition.

Chains convey equipment throughout the plant in almost every application. Such as: scrap metal removal in the press shop at the beginning of the manufacturing process, overhead conveying, cross transfers, spray booth applications, oven chains in the paint shop and slat conveyors in the assembly line. 

Our engineers develop and manufacture high-performance chains in lubed or lube free design, in normal or galvanized steel, in powder coated or stainless steel. Every application is unique and requires adjustments in the chain design. KOBO is your one-stop shop for chains, sprockets and attachments.

CC5 Chains

Nationwide, almost all automotive plant use CC5 chains. KOBO has a proven record for CC5 chains of several years in the United States and Europe, where we for work with Ford and GM.

The CC5 design is still in place due its simplicity and success for several decades. KOBO kept improving the regular CC5 design to a lubrication free system. Low maintenance and no lubrication are huge cost saver over a chain's lifetime.

With our CC5 modular system you can adjust the sequence of the guide roller from CC5A without rollers, to CC5B with a roller in every inner link in seconds.

Wear blocks are available in different designs, plastic or steel, screwed, welded or clipped on.

For further details, please contact us. We would like to consult with you about your chain needs.

Scrap Metal Conveying

The first step in manufacturing cars is the deformation of flat sheet metal to complex single automotive parts. These components are stamped in the press shop. Finished pieces move forward whereas scrap metal needs to be removed from the work shop. KOBO provides you with chains, sprockets and complete assemblies with flights for the scrap metal removal. We are your one stop shop for conveyor needs.


Sprockets/Sealed Joints



Overhead Conveying

KOBO is specialized in drop forged chain application like 678, 458, etc.. Smooth links for longer wear resistance and availability in the US make us a recognizable alternative.

Quality material are used to minimize the wear in the joint for a longer chain life. We are leading supplier for chains and sprockets worldwide, we harden all chain components before assembly.

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Paint Shop

  • Transfer Chains
    Transfer chains are used in automotive plants to connect conveyors and workstations for continuous manufacturing process. KOBO manufactures chains for cross transfer applications using different pitches, from metric to imperial dimensions. Common pitches are 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 160mm or in imperial dimensions 4 inch or 6 inch. They come with powder coated or galvanized link plates or even with our special sealing technology. In lubrication free execution, KOBO’s chains eliminate maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the chain and reduce the usage of natural resources. Lube free chains are often used in applications like overhead return skid conveyors to eliminate drippings to the car bodies.
  • Buffer Chains 
    Buffer chains or high roller chains or accumulation chains are commonly used in metric or imperial dimensions throughout the plant. High rollers can be attached to the chains according to the requested sequence. Guide blocks on the link plates can be made of forged metal, cast metal or plastic. All chains can be manufactured in various executions, such as coatings for normal lubrication, galvanized or made of stainless steel or with sealings protect the joint and ensure longer life.
  • Dip Chains
    Cleaning the cars after the body shop is of major importance before they enter the paint shop. The most common conveyor systems are rotating the bodies in several tanks to clean the surface with liquid chemicals from dirt and grease. KOBO has manufactured these chains for OEMs and end customers. Special knowledge is require for pendulum chains with fixed and loose sides. KOBO also provides sprockets for these applications.
  • Spray Booth Chains
    Spray booth chains are exposed to enamel and paint throughout the lifetime of the chain. Keeping these liquids away from entering the chain joint is the most critical challenge, therefore spray booth chains are running in tight channels and are often covered with welded plates. These chains are in general equipped with guide blocks to avoid snaking of the chain. Guide blocks are made of metal or plastic and can be clipped or bolted on. KOBO provides these chains in metric or imperial dimensions. Mounted attachments are an option to the welded plates. We manufacture spray booth chains with a special sealing technology.
  • Oven Chains
    After the coating process, the car bodies go into ovens with temperatures up to 460-500°F. Materials for the chain and clearances need to be chosen carefully. For decades KOBO, has manufactured oven type chains in various industries, acquiring special knowledge in the manufacturing of this conveyor chain. Chains are manufactured in metric or imperial dimensions.

Final Assembly

KOBO is your partner for slat conveyor line in the automotive industry. Multiple projects, all over the globe, have been realized for many different car and truck brands.

KOBO slat conveyor chains are running in the following areas of automotive plants:

  • Assembly Line
  • Filling Line
  • Water Testing Line
  • Conservation Line

As a one stop shop we supply complete chain systems including chains, slats and shafts with sprockets for the drive and conveyor chains. All designs are custom made and can be manufactured lubrication free or in standard lubricated version according to our customers designs.

Chains in the filling line or in the water testing line are manufactured with stainless steel or galvanized components.

Please contact us to have a specialist answer your questions.

  • Drive Chains
    KOBO's roller chains and drive chains are used in almost every application in an automotive plant. On-going development and improvements make it especially suitable for a wide variety of applications such as infeed conveyors to the main conveyor lines or drive applications. KOBO’s portfolio goes from high strength roller chains to galvanized, nickel-plated, dacromet-plated chains and lubrication-free chains.
  • Sprockets
    Chains and sprockets belong together. The performance of a chain is dependent on the quality of the sprocket. KOBO manufactures sprockets in house. Our sprockets are custom made and can be manufactured as split sprockets, tooth rims with hubs, with or without noise reduction feature. Teeth and tooth gaps are induction hardened to match the hardness of the interacting chain bushing or roller. We manufacture simplex, duplex and triplex sprockets up to a diameter of 5.5ft.
  • Lube Free Chains
    KOBO takes care of the environment by manufacturing lubrication free chains, which are part of our daily business. Using lube free chains do not only protect the environment in saving natural resources, they also eliminate maintenance work and create additional savings throughout the lifetime of the chain. In addition, the lubrication free chains eliminate the “human factor” in maintenance. Almost every chain can be designed as lubrication free.

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